1964 to present day:
history of baumeister programm

The first company foundation
1964 – just one year after John F. Kennedy publicly proclaimed himself “ein Berliner”, Dirk Baumeister still a student at the time, chose the west of the divided city to found his first company.

Initially, baumeister programm developed and manufactured its own steel loungers. One year later, three of the workforces were already fitting high quality aluminum curtain rails on major building project sites.

The expansion of the company
With a fine entrepreneurial touch, Dirk Baumeister, expanded his business.

From 1966 onwards, baumeister programm developed, manufactured and fitted complete interior decoration solutions.

In 1974 Baumeister moved its headquarters to Lüneburg.

Cruise ships and luxus yachts
In 1984, when fitting out ships and luxury yachts came along as a new business sector, baumeister programm began making an international name for itself with the major shipyards and cruise lines. Following several moves, it finally became necessary to build a new company building in 1994.

baumeister programm today
Today, on site extending to more than 4000 m2, more than 95 employees successfully produce items for fitting out ships, hotels, offices, event centers, airplanes and private homes. The company’s progress, extremely positive overall, plus its 100% equity capital quota, provides a large amount of entrepreneurial freedom, ensuring that investments will be there for the know-how and technologies of the future.